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LIME Painting® of Jersey Shore is a residential and commercial painting company that specializes in the industry’s best products and procedures to ensure: quality prep, quality products, custom results, and lasting impressions. LIME’s team, which consists of Home Advisors and some of New Jersey’s best craftsmen, support that effort. LIME services interior and exterior painting for residential and commercial properties in Brick.

LIME’s expectation for customer excellence has made LIME Brick’s most trusted and highly recommended painting company. Working with LIME Painting® of Jersey Shore is easy, enjoyable, and refreshing!

Facts about

Located in Ocean County, Brick is a township that’s currently home to more than 73,000 people. Including mainland property as well as beaches on the Barnegat Peninsula, the township was first formed in 1850. Over the years, land has been annexed by the township. From time to time, land has been portioned from Brick and ceded to other jurisdictions.

The name for the township is derived from Joseph Brick. In the middle 19th century, Brick owned and operated the Bergen Iron Works. The operation made use of the bog iron that was plentiful in the Metedeconk River. The iron works along with a number of cranberry bogs provided work for the residents. The bogs were adversely affected when the Point Pleasant Canal was constructed, as it allowed salt water to seep into the fresh water supply used for the cranberry cultivation.

Along with the beaches, the Brick Township Reservoir includes more than 80 acres and is encompassed by a trail that’s just under two miles long. Fishing is permitted in the area, providing one of the more common forms of recreation. A dozen parks are found in the township, many of them with fields and other areas set aside for different sporting activities. There’s also the Drum Point Sports Complex, a multi-sports facility that serves the township and the surrounding area.

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